When You Visit Me in Brazil…


It's the eve of Thanksgiving and my knees are practically sweating blood and constantly locking involuntarily from walking all over the house putting stuff away and organizing them... It's a tedious and sometimes thankless job, but I wouldn't trade it for the world... That's my long way of saying, I'm thankful. Like my mom always says, be thankful you're tired from cooking your dinner because it means you can afford food. And speaking of my mother - this wise woman who dare not break a promise to a certain six-year-old stayed true to her word. She visited us for a week and a half. While … [Read more...]

Time to Unpack!


While there are still 6 days left on the calendar, I'm going to go ahead and declare it one hell of a month... Because it has been quite the month... but in a good way.. There have been four major events this month, thus far - and if we can actually get our car home in the next six days, there will be FIVE major events. Since I've already talked about the ball, let's start with Major Event #3: we got our HHE! Our HHE (household effect) shipment came in on a raining day, exactly 123 days after we packed out in Virginia, but who's counting ;-) .  We stood in the mostly-drizzling rain with … [Read more...]

Fun & Logistics of the 239th Marine Corps Ball


It's hard to believe we attended our first Marine Ball together as a couple a year ago. It's crazy how much can change in a year... During this time last year, we were waiting on the bidding results, unsure of where we'll be in a year (or hell, possible even five to nine months out). This year, a lot of unknowns and semi-expected surprises have manifested themselves - some more welcomed than others... like the fact that the dress I fit perfectly a year ago was now trying to kill me through asphyxiation. Really, it was bad. I had to excuse myself several times to run to the ladies' room and … [Read more...]

Hiring a Filipino Nanny…. From Brazil

photo source: Nanny Diaries movie

Once we arrived in Brazil, we knew we needed childcare (see why here). At first we tried to find one locally, but we couldn't find a Brazilian empregada that wanted to "live-in". So, we took others' advice and hired a nanny from the Philippines.  There are quite a number of Filipino nannies and housekeepers in Brasilia. So naturally, we started looking around in that community, but our search was fruitless. In the end, with my mom's help, we took our search to the Philippines. This post is mainly about the steps and process that a diplomatic family and future employer of a Filipino nanny … [Read more...]

When Dessert Pizzas Are Done Right….


Do you guys remember dessert pizzas - from places like Dominos, Pizza Hut, etc.? Are those things still around in good ol' #murrica? I remember trying an oreo pizza once and just feeling like such a glutton who'd probably die first were a zombie apocalypse were to break out right after consuming one. There's no way you could move after a slice of the oreo pizza. I don't even know what possessed us to even try it in the first place. Dessert Pizza in Brazil, however, is on a whole different level. First, the flavors, which you wouldn't think would work well with pizza dough, are surprisingly … [Read more...]