The Pros & Cons of Living in Brasília


We've been living in Brasilia for about eight months now and it's safe to say that we're over the honeymoon period, and possibly almost over the culture shock stage. In any case, it seems it's about time to share some high-level thoughts on the pros and cons of living in Brasilia. Pros (1) Weather. The weather in Brasilia is almost always comfortable. Temperatures typically hover around the 70s or low 80s. Of course, in the summer, they get closer to the mid-90s, and with a slight breeze and the shade under our pool, it's actually perfect swimming weather. Usually there's never any question … [Read more...]

Road Trip To Rio


Hellllooooo Blogosphere! Brasilia living has been a bit hectic these days, what with a new secret project on our hands here at home, plus all the traveling, potty training, and working on top of it all. Essentially, it's been life as usual, but with a few curves along the way. But anyway, that's a different story for another time. Several weeks ago (and I'm using this term very loosely), we were invited by some friends to join them for Carnaval in Rio. To be honest, Carnaval in Rio was something I've dreamed we'd someday do during our two-year stint here in Brazil, but with two kids and … [Read more...]

How I’ve Been Learning Portuguese


At the beginning of last year, I set out a number of goals - including learning a new language. The goal was born out of necessity, as well as a long time wish of learning another language. Sometime early last year, we found out we were moving to Brazil, and shortly after that - boom. I started this whole language learning journey. The last time I seriously attempted to learn a language was in high school. I took Spanish in high school, and following a summer-long trip to Italy, I learned to speak a little Italian and vowed to keep learning (but clearly that didn't happen, except for a … [Read more...]

Sunday Night Futebol


Last month, the US Women's Soccer Team came to town for a torneio (Portuguese for tournament). I can't recall ever having attended a professional soccer match (is that what they call it?). In fact, the only games that have ever held my interest were my 5-year-old's U6 games. So, I'll confess - naturally I wasn't that interested and didn't exactly bother to make plans to go. But apparently with a bit of persuasion, i.e. Jace winning free tickets at work, I was game. The hubby's raffle tickets to the first game of the tournament - US vs. China, put us in one of the boxes, just about at … [Read more...]

The Zoo & The Rain


It's been unseasonably dry this month in Brasilia. Hot and dry. The heat is expected, since it is summer, but the rainy season is supposed to last 'til February, and here we are, just barely mid-January and I haven't seen rain in days. (Granted, when the rain does come, it comes down hard. Hard with boisterous thunder that wake you up in the middle of the night.) Last month, however, was what I thought a perfect example of the rainy season. It was raining almost every day. It didn't rain all day, just parts of the day. Sometimes it was hard, sometimes it was light. But in Brazil, it's … [Read more...]