Leaving Rio with Some Sugar…


I heard often that one of the must-dos when visiting Rio de Janeiro is taking a cable car up Pão de Açucar (Sugarloaf Mountain). Having been atop some tall peaks many times before (like Twin Peaks, where my parents took us and every single family/friends that have ever visited us), I honestly wasn't that motivated to visit Pão de Açucar.. However... since I knew the boys would love a ride up the cable car and I wasn't not sure if my mom will be back to Rio in the immediate future, we decided we had good enough reasons to go. We took a cab from our hotel and a short 15-minute ride … [Read more...]

Graffiti [Wordless Wednesday]


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Rio’s Hippie Fair (Feira Hippie de Ipanema)

old school colored pencils. 12 for R$20

Just a few blocks from where we stayed in Rio was the Hippie Fair. Prior to leaving Brasília for Rio, our good sponsors highly suggested giving this place a visit. And if you enjoy a good flea-market style fair, I would also highly suggest this Sunday-only event to you. The fair is held in a plaza in Ipanema (close to the Copacabana border) and wraps around Praca General Osorio (General Osorio Plaza), which is right in front of the General Osorio metro stop. They start setting up the stands the night before, we only know this because we had walked past it on our way back from dinner, and by … [Read more...]

A Half Day Tour of Rio de Janeiro


Rio de Janeiro, the former capital of Brazil (until 1960), is an amazing city... Even more amazing because this was the location of our very first vacation here in Brazil.  Having only been IN Brasilia since the end of July, you can imagine my excitement. The city of Rio is busy - bustling with tourists, locals, vendors, and everything in between. So many things to see! So little time!  Then there's also the challenge of trying to see as much as you can with two little kids (and with carseats to boot).  Initially, I tried to see if Rio had one of those hop-on-hop-off double decker … [Read more...]

When You Visit Me in Brazil…


It's the eve of Thanksgiving and my knees are practically sweating blood and constantly locking involuntarily from walking all over the house putting stuff away and organizing them... It's a tedious and sometimes thankless job, but I wouldn't trade it for the world... That's my long way of saying, I'm thankful. Like my mom always says, be thankful you're tired from cooking your dinner because it means you can afford food. And speaking of my mother - this wise woman who dare not break a promise to a certain six-year-old stayed true to her word. She visited us for a week and a half. While … [Read more...]